Not updating since new heads added play steam games offline without updating

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I'm runnining on Windows, with the windows p4 client, and git installed via Cygwin. What I'm left with is a repo that's a couple of megs (much, much smaller than the full source tree would be). I've had a similar problem and can usually be traced to the casing in paths, branch names, etc. It will not allow a repository that has a space in it.

The p4 client advertises how its syntax is regular across platforms and all that, so that should be hunky-dory. Not sure about P4 but ensure that you don't have a Master branch - it should be master. Also, avoid directory and file names with spaces in them. The / in the branch name appeared to cause the same cryptic fast-import failed warning.

This is especially nice because we haven’t changed the changeset hashes, which means that we can easily merge changesets from people that are still using the old, separate repositories.

(25 minutes ago by Steve Losh) | o 0 Start the project.

(26 minutes ago by Steve Losh) $ ls total 0 drwxr-xr-x 4 sjl 136B Nov 17 docs drwxr-xr-x 3 sjl 102B Nov 17 src Our two separate repositories are now nicely merged into one, with the changesets intact!

So when I go to and concludes with a big block of "git-fast-import statistics". Unfortunately git-p4 doesn't seem to support standard git-flow branch names.

Changing to a branch like this worked: I also encountered the "new tip x does not contain y" error running fast-import.

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