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Vanessa’s first album was titled V released on September 26, 2006, under the label “Hollywood”.

But, she briefly attended Orange County High School of the Arts, followed by homeschooling with tutors.

But in the end it is nothing but another theory, it is neither law nor observable/verifiable.

In fact, there are even irreligious people who question or don't believe in evolution.

Look, I'm all for a deistic god, or a god that had no intervention with humans.

But a god who was perceived by humans, where they allegedly heard of him, or saw him in human form (Jesus), and wrote about him seems really implausible.

Whenever variation is pushed to extremes by selective breeding, the line becomes sterile and dies out.

She started developing a rebellious side, so her parents sent her to live with her grandmother.

Also, horseshoe crabs and coelacanth are considered living fossils for not changing in the past 400 million years.

As fas as the sphericity of the Earth is concerned, this is a misconception that arose beginning of the 19th century, see Myth of the flat Earth.

If they're well-adapted there's no need for them to 'evolve'.

Our common ancestor is now extinct, as are all of the so-called "transitional species", another term which is incorrect because all species on Earth are "transitional", because we are all evolving (at varying rates, to be sure).

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