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If you really wanted to you could save quite a bit of money finding your own hotel and picking up freelancers off the street, but if you want to pay a little more to make it safer and easier then head to the Mansion.The rooms range between - a night and you can get short time from the girls working there for ish or all night for 0ish.But lets start off with the two great places to stay that bring the girls right to you.This is the cheaper of the two options so we will list it first.

You can always head out and visit the cheaper brothels or street prostitution when looking for sex in Medellin, or you can just walk over to the hotel bar and ask one of the sexy girls right there if she wants to come up to your room.

It is roughly - for a short time session with one, and - for all night sex, much cheaper than at most other mongering resorts in the country.

They are employed by the establishment and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to safety or security.

This really is not fair market value for Colombia, but this isn’t a budget post it is about making it easy.

The sexy Latinas working at the Mansion are freelancers unlike at Blackbeard’s but don’t worry, they would not allow any girls with bad reputations into the Mansion.

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