Men confess dating frustration

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Although he broke up with his gf while we were involved he continued to sometimes hook up with girls.

Our relationship ended when he was about to graduate and claimed he was sick of being "your gf," and that he couldn't see it turning into a fullblown romantic relationship anyway.

I found there are a significant number of young men from age 18-35 who like the "Coach and or Daddy figure sexually." Ironically I think of myself as the least attractive and the least appealing as I have added weight and lessened in appearance YET there are a group of good looking, and even often athletic young men who seek the Coach-Daddy type of image! All men have an ego and at this point in my life I am getting that ego taken care of by college age guys that find my desirable.

Can you imagine the feeling when some of these guys refer to me as "Hot" and tell me how much I turn them on!! I'm clearly overweight, balding, and NOT in good shape but yet I attract and have sex with college basketball players, rugby players, swimmers, good looking non athletes, and a variety of guys that also like me and they like me also shun anything feminine. I find that to be revolting and it's not my scene and all of the college guys I have sex with share my thoughts about only doing this with other masculine guys.

To him it was just novel, intense sex and close friendship, not the sort of romantic/emotional bond he had with women. He characterized me as an anomaly which hurt because I was in love with him but I always knew anyway.

We didn't just have sex but also kissed, cuddled, slept together most nights (we shared a room) and did all those things straight guys in these surveys deny doing.

One was my neighbour when I was ten and then one during my early 20's.I am age 55 and I can get guys 18-34 who want and desire to have sex with me in varying degrees and this is not manipulation on my part and I never pay one red cent for the pleasure and enjoyment of sex with these young men.I also prefer to avoid kissing or other romantic aspects.The concept of straight men who have sex with men challenges the traditional and for many the unyielding belief that sexual behavior is indicative of identity. Parsons, “Sexual Behaviors of Non-gay Identified Non-disclosing Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women,” Archives of Sexual Behavior 37, no. [iii] Daryl Hood, Garrett Prestage, June Crawford, Tania Sorrell, and Chris O’Reilly, "Report on the BANGAR Project: Bisexual Activity/non Gay Attachment Research Targeting Strategies Identification Project." (Sydney: National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research ,1994). Reback and Sherry Larkins, “Maintaining a Heterosexual Identity: Sexual Meanings Among a Sample of Heterosexually Identified Men Who Have Sex with Men,” Archives of Sexual Behavior 39, no. [v] STD Communications Database: Interviews with Non-Gay Identified Men who have Sex with Men (NGI MSM),” (Atlanta, Georgia: Orc Macro, 2005). Now that I've stated the obvious, we can then extrapolate from it that heterosexual males, even anonymously, do not provide honest or even rational responses to surveys about same sex activity.Using this stricture as guide, a man who has sex with another male must be gay (or bisexual at the least). Recall from the first posting that researchers increasingly call for studies to include a comprehensive description of sexuality, one encompassing self-identification, arousal patterns, and behavior. King, On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of 'Straight' Black Men Who Sleep with Men (New York: Harmony Books, 2005). Some refuse to even acknowledge it to themselves let alone a questioner or questionnaire.

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