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However, Marty doubted that he could take another rejection.Jennifer and Marty also talked about their plans to have a romantic weekend together at the lake and how Marty's father George was letting them use their car.Afterwards, they went outside, and Jennifer comforted Marty by reminding him that one rejection is not the end of the world and assures him that he is a good musician.She then suggested that he send in a demo tape cassette of his band's music to a record company called R & G Records, pointing out that if he puts his mind on it, he can accomplish anything, which is a saying of Doc's.

Doc warned Jennifer and Marty that their future children's lives are in danger." Marty greeted her enthusiastically, startling Jennifer, who was unaware that Marty has spent a week in 1955 since she had last seen him the day before.Ironically, a worried Jennifer noted, "Marty, you're acting like you haven't seen me in a week," to which he replied, "I haven't." A concerned Jennifer caressed Marty and asked him if everything was all right.Jennifer disapproved of him lying to her and flirtatiously noted that Lorraine is just trying to keep Marty "respectable." The two then started kissing in Courthouse Square, but were interrupted by the Clock Tower Lady.After Marty gave the lady a quarter and she left, Marty and Jennifer started kissing again, but is then interrupted by her father who was coming to pick her up in his car.

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    YOU ARE READING Fanfiction On a whim of boredom, Tony Stark creates a chatroom with all his fellow workers. Well at first I accidentally tried to kill him but, we stood down and talked.

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    For example, if Mom says that you can date when you are 16, and you're only 14, don't tell her that it's time.

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