Matt and kim are they dating

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But, it turns out she looks just as great in a pantsuit!

Appearing on Andy Cohen’s talk show in New York this week, Claire blew us all away with her sartorial picks.

Series three of The Crown will see Olivia Colman take on the role of the monarch during the 1950s and '60s.

In Matt Hicks's statement to Bustle, he says, "We live in different countries [so] it has been hard to sustain a romantic relationship."But now that the show is over and they can be seen in public, the pair is more hopeful.

Matt Johnson met Kim Schifino at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute in 2004.

Despite their height difference, the couple began dating, and in 2005 formed the dance punk duo Matt & Kim.

"Other than the cast and all the lavish dates and whatnot, Matt was able to show us most of who he really is," she says. He's very charming and down-to-earth, and he's a great listener and very nice.

Who I got to know on the show, for the most part, is who I think Matt really is."On the show, Hicks was not the playful hoaxer many predicted he'd be.

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