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It was originally owned by Samuel Thomas and Mary Alice Stoddard Thomas before being passed down to family.Today, this old-time mercantile is owned by Mary and Kim Thomas and is home to a large selection of fabrics and tools for quilting, and even pianos, which Kim restores.

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One year a food riot occurred because the spring supplies from Walla Walla had not arrived. The mining proved extensive and the gold was evenly distributed through out the Basin. This same year wagon roads brought the wagon trains, hauled by four, six , eight, or even twelve horses or mules.As the store and town grew, additions were added by the Eames brothers with the help of two traveling Swiss men, whose influences gave the store the unique look and style seen today.Tucked away in forgotten Ola, this throwback general store with its vibrant murals and charming front porch was converted into a private residence a few years back according to locals.Leadore is another on of those tiny towns along Idaho's sparse northeast border that had its start as a mining district (lead ore = Leadore).This is beautifully rustic general store with its western-styled wooden false front is a post office as well, and depending on where you're coming from, the first building you will have seen for 20 miles or so.

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