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Or, worse yet, go watch "The Simple Life" or something.

Mad Men actor Jon Hamm is thought to be dating Peaky Blinders star Annabelle Wallis, after the couple were spotted looking ‘loved up’.

There's a handy laugh track that'll do all the joke-getting for you! Who could forget such classic lines as "I don't get it" or "My dream is to go swimming in my Halloween costume"? Who could possibly think ill of "Helen, your new teacher is here. Night Shyamalan's Proposal for the Sponge Bob Movie" and the classic "Spy vs.

That's right, you won't have to lift a finger (or, as it were, brain cell) to figure out what's funny and what's not. Oh I forgot, you're deaf" in reference to Helen Keller, or "Oh, I'm not white. Spy." Mad TV is known for its prolific output of stars, from Michael Mc Donald (who played a crucial role as the guard in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) to Bobby Lee (who put viewers coast to coast in stitches as "Comic #1" in Pauly Shore's woefully short-lived sitcom "Minding the Store") Well then screw you buddy. Yes, that's right, you can go take your choo-choo train blanket and your feetie pajamas and crawl into bed with your mother!

Though I'm sure you wish there were such a service in existence, you must accept the fact that you will not be able to find a person to "bang" by simply looking at an ad! You know what effort is, where you get up and do something? Need I reiterate what I said only a few short paragraphs ago? You're a nothing, a piece of garbage, a fuckwit of astronomical proportions, and you dare try to slander this program? Allow me to draw the distinction between the two, because they are very different.

Well, you may need to do that in the real world, but while watching Mad TV, don't worry. How could you possibly think that Mad TV is at all unfunny? Also, Mad TV is based on a critically acclaimed magazine, the same magazine that came up with such brilliant features as "M.

The always-inscrutable Jones has been previously linked to actor Ashton Kutcher, singer Josh Groban and celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

TMZ Live managed to track down Mary, one of the women from the show, who says she is aware Hamm went on to become famous ...

but says she's never seen an episode of "Mad Men." What she was not aware of ...

The film is by far the year’s most critically acclaimed, has managed to grab over 0 million at the box office—a first for a debuting black director as well as the most for a writer/director’s first original screenplay.

The Sunken Place, co-star a few weeks ago if his sketch comedy career is over, he responded, “Yes.

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