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While consumerism—partying, going out, fashion, and furniture—has become integrated into gay male culture as a means of socializing and asserting status, lesbians and queer women have never embraced spending for spending’s sake with the same degree of vigor.This is a broad generalization, needless to say, and there are exceptions on both sides of the aisle; however, the disparity in spending power between queer men and women as distinct population is very real, if only because of economics—the pesky wage gap coming into play again.C.’s much-mourned Phase 1, or “It didn't really exist except for when it did,” says Bechdel of the lesbian community she first knew. ” As a cartoonist, Bechdel also kept in touch with other lesbians through publications, which cost little and spread the community wide: “I'm so old that I still get The use of magazines and comic strips to connect the far-flung lesbian community has evolved into the contemporary use of the internet.

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This group, like the one Sghia-Hughes formed in college, exists for the purpose of bringing queer women together in the same space after they get in touch remotely: In other words, it accomplishes the same thing that bars and bookstores do but in reverse order.These small, private spaces, created by and for queer women, provide a key alternative to commercial businesses, another reason the lesbian community has always remained resolutely independent and self-structured.Though LGBTQ subculture may have sprung from a shared tangle of underground roots, in general gay men have developed more of a taste for nightlife (think disco and drag), which inevitably leads to them taking on roles as powerful but integrated consumers in a straight economy that enjoys the stimulation of gay spending.Chiang, who is 23 and lives in New York, is one of many young queer women expressing frustration with the lack of spaces specifically cater to women seeking women.“I don’t go to queer bars, because straight people show up and use [them] as a tourist attraction, an exhibit,” she says, echoing complaints of straight women taking over gay bars.

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