Leo male and dating traits Up for sex no credit cards needed

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In the case of Leo men, we see the gifts of pleasure and creativity.

If you are Leo (man or woman), it is important to know that your sign is somewhat rare.

It is the enormous power of the sun, which the Greeks referred to as , that gives men born under the Leo symbol such magnetism.

And this makes sense when you consider that our sun has one of the biggest magnets known to mankind.

There are more men born under the Leo sign than woman for reasons we do not fully understand.

Trying to figure out their personality and compatibility?

Are you hoping to find out if the Leo guy you are like is good at dating and relationships?

Let’s walk through the special gifts of Leo men and then move on to the five Leo symbols.

It is no coincidence that Leo is a sign that begins towards the end of July – around the same time that the sun’s heat is most intense for most of earth’s upper hemisphere.

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