Ipad de c2c chat

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Users can acquire a balance by linking their We Chat account to their debit card, or by receiving money from other users.

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Every We Chat user has their own We Chat Payment account.

Users can send previously saved or live pictures and videos, namecards of other users, coupons, lucky money packages, or current GPS locations with friends either individually or in a group chat.

We Chat's character stickers, such as Tuzki, resemble and compete with those of LINE, a Japanese messaging application.

Users can see the information when viewing their messaging page. Moments is We Chat's brand name for its social feed of friends updates.

Moments allows users to post images, post text, post comments, share music (associated with QQ Music or other web based music services), share articles and post "likes." Moments can be also linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts, and can automatically post Moments content directly to these two platforms.

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