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Report harassment to your employer as soon as possible.It is very important that you report the harassment because your employer in the early stages of the harassment because the employer must know or have reason to know about the harassment to be legally responsible for a co-worker, client or customer's racially harassing conduct.Additionally, do not engage in stereotyping yourself which may lead someone else to think that certain comments are acceptable.Tell the person that his or her behavior offends you.Some examples of conduct that may be racial harassment include: Verbal or written conduct: Jokes; innuendos; slurs; name-calling; comments about clothing, personal behavior, or your body; racial or race-based jokes; telling rumors about your personal life; threatening you; organized hate activity directed at employees Physical conduct: Rape or assault; impeding or blocking your movement; inappropriate touching of your body or clothing; Nonverbal conduct: Derogatory gestures or facial expressions of a racial nature; following or stalking you; malicious interference with work performance.Visual displays: Posters, drawings, pictures, screensavers or e-mails of a racial nature; epithets scrawled on the employer's property; hangman's nooses, Nazi swastikas, or other items understood to have racial significance back to top 5.The victim does not have to be the person harassed but can be anyone affected by the offensive conduct. Say no and communicate to the harasser directly that the conduct is unwelcome.

Additionally, petty slights, annoyances, and isolated incidents (unless extremely serious) will not rise to the level of being unlawful.Under federal law it is illegal to harass a person in any aspect of employment because of that person’s race or color.Harassment can include racial slurs, offensive or derogatory remarks about a person’s race or color, or the display of racially-offensive symbols. Racial harassment is a form of employment discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Racial harassment is illegal when it is so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment or when it results in an adverse employment decision (such as the victim of the harassment being fired or demoted). To be considered discrimination, the harassment must be based on some protected trait.Under federal law, those traits include race, color, national origin, gender, pregnancy, age, religion, disability and genetic information.

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