Intercultural dating statistics

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And of course, these habits are bound to clash when you have an intercultural relationship.

While one partner could be used to dating a different person each month, or has nothing against one-night stands, the other partner could have never experienced a relationship more serious than a middle school romance, and could quite possibly still be a virgin.

Not only does it show commitment, you get to learn some neat and unique stuff, and make your partner feel special for being the one to show you!

[Read: How to make living together before marriage work for you] #5 The future – planning for the years ahead What comes next?

Most couples fear this looming question but as an intercultural couple, you have a few additional things to think about.

The cultural expectations and doubts of family and friends, who hold varying opinions of your love, could impact the discussions and decisions about your future.

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But whatever your preference, and level of adventurism, you need to connect with your partner *and their family* over food. While you’re trying a few new dishes, why not check out the arts scene, listen to a new artist, and try to learn a traditional dance?[Read: Things every couple needs to discuss in a relationship] #2 Family and friends – Doubts and expectations The doubts and expectations of both, your partner’s family and friends, and your own, can weigh heavily on your relationship.Outside influence impacts all relationships, but it can be particularly overwhelming when you’re trying to merge two cultures.” And all this may lead to an information overload that will end with you questioning different parts of your own relationship. ] Of course, if you’re truly happy, and if your family and friends are genuinely supportive, they will recognize that you are just fine with your mix of cultures, and should let you go on your way.[Read: The 23 kinds of relationships that define your love life] To make it harder, there are also their expectations, like for instance, whether both of you plan to get married or not, and if so, in which country? #3 Communication – Understanding cultures Intercultural relationships don’t always mean dealing with different languages, but they very well can!

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