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Additionally, there may be liability created by linking and crawling as well as the use of meta tags and keywords. Moreover, there is the entire area of great potential exposure when dealing with children online including but not limited to issues related to compliance with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act and obtaining verifiable parental consent.By host, I mean not only owners that do actual site hosting, but owners of sites that host interactive activities such as chat rooms, message boards and the like.Given the uniqueness of the Net, areas of potential claims vary widely from that in the offline world.

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Online relationships pose potential legal liability that an owner should consider insuring against.

The development and providing of software is fraught with potential liability including but not limited to issues related to the performance of the software, crashes, network issues, security holes etc. There may also be patent infringement claims lurking as well.

All of these should be covered in an appropriate policy. Furthermore, as discussed above, any site that provides information that its members (or visitors who are not members) may view and rely on, whether rightly or wrongly, can create the bases for claims.

The within article expands on the particular issues that relate to the online world and the need for specific coverage for these issues.

However, it is not just publishers in the traditional sense of the word that need such insurance.

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