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So before you get into the procedures minefield which can evolve with art authentication, one which may be both financially and emotionally taxing, it is more than wise to be realistic about the issue.Have an independent and more importantly, unbias that the case may be realistically followed through and eventually possibly be proven.If a project is not achievable, surely it would be sensible to know right from the start! As well as professionally administrating full provenance and attribution research, conducting detailed archival study and in depth legitimacy investigations internationally Here at Freemanart, our forensic scientists, art fraud investigators, art experts and appraisers, work at the cutting edge of Forensic and Scientific technology alongside the finest scholars, individual art experts, institutions and authorities in the world.Such an unbias assessment then allows the client to make a wiser, more considered decision and apply a greater degree of sensibility in taking the leap into a staged, fully launched art authentication investigation. On the left is an image we took recently of two paintbrush hairs we identified embedded by the paint in a painting purportedly by the French artist Paul Gauguin. It's fake documents and COA's which so often back up art fraud and support fake works of art, this is why we have forensic handwriting and forensic document analysts also on hand to assist with authentication and identifying fake paintings, drawings, sculptures and other art fraud forgeries.But remember, with art authentication, that dream has to be absolutely proven, just like a case placed before a court of law, as opinion is just not enough.In a court room, any case must be proven before being judged.Working for those seeking the truth, requiring the security and clarity that defines the true authenticity and legitimacy of a work of art.

Coins, medals, stamps, postcards and private collections of all kinds.

The clients relying on Freemanart, often specifically require the authentication and appraisal of British, American, Canadian and European Art and Antiques.

This level of workload would normally include the investigation, attribution and authentication of oil paintings, the authentication and attribution of water colours, the authentication of acrylic paintings, pictures and prints.

The Freemanart Consultancy's offers clients quality, confidential authenticity and art authentication services.

Freemanart serve the world by operating multilingually from seven countries including; USA, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, UK and Germany.

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