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Additionally if I get the script to run on startup, how do I stop it, and how do I know when its The simplest solution to the problem you're describing is to get your script to configure automatic logon for the built-in Administrator account, then add itself to the Startup folder.

You do need to know (or reset) the Administrator account password to use this option.

All that you need is to download your desired updates, then store it in a folder with this batch script: is the Windows Update commandline application. Another alternative is to download and install ALL the updates with WSUS utility.

The files are processed one by one, not all at once. The norestart switch don't restart after installing the update even if needed. The updates for Win7 x64 (for example) are stored here: "...\wsusoffline\client\w61-x64\glb" PS: The "Do Update.cmd" batch file in the "CMD" dir of the application is what you need if need to automate the task in "background".

Let’s take just a peek at a variety of split-level home ideas to get your brainstorming and deciding on whether or not this layout is right for you. Incorporate the stairs by creating a slick and posh space that incorporates your love of modern, contemporary styles.

They can be at any patch level and everything from Windows XP to Windows 8.

My goal is to start a script, wait/do something else and then find a fully patched computer.

Just like we said previously, if your split happens in the entryway, then make things cohesive.

Stick with a theme and make sure when your guests look up and down, everything goes together and meshes well.

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