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2.1 ODA Members must ensure their services and their marketing content does not mislead through exaggeration, omission or by any other means.2.2 ODA Members must provide Users with clear and easily accessible information about their service and website, including but not limited to: a) Contact details for those with responsibility for the site.A list of those participating sites must be accessible through the website the User joined.2.4 ODA Members who operate services based on pooling of Users should have regard to the appropriateness of the pools operated.

2.3 ODA Members must advise prospective Users in advance if registration, membership or use of a service is based on being included in a pool of Users that goes beyond the user base of the service they are being invited to join.

4.4 ODA Members operating paid-for services must have an accessible and clear refund policy.

4.5 ODA Members must have appropriate and effective arrangements for handling online complaints, queries or other User issues in a timely manner.

1.6 ODA Members must give Users ready, clear online access to the ODA and its website and give Users clear information as to how they can make a complaint or report a concern to the ODA.

1.7 ODA Members must not display the ODA logo or any other logo or content in connection with the ODA or make reference to ODA membership on sites of an adult or “casual” nature or any site not registered with the ODA.

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