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very late in the night, but they came and they played without any sound/linecheck at 3 in the night. Coincidence happened, that we shared the same shuttle bus back to the Hotel after our shows, so i was sitting there with Phoenix, feeling like a small kid...The festival was called "Isladencanta" and it was situated in the middle of the island in a valley between some mountains and the site was breathtakingly beautiful. I gathered all my strength and told them the story about "United" and my Portugal and they reacted so touched, it really meant something to them, i felt.We started only for funny and also because our parents obligation to us, and we thought that in few years didn’t play more the gralla, but year by year we have a lot of teachers, that they teach us a lot of funny thinks, and we composed some songs, for this every summer we will go to the meetings and play all the time, now we have success.The Gralla is an instrument of wind and an instrument of double “canya”, normally the gralla using for the “castellers” but now we use for the gegants.

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At least for the first 30 minutes I kept with this gentleman.It’s composed for 3 parts:-it’s made of wood, and it’s the parte that have the holes, it has 9 holes, of different sharp Curiosities: the first gralla was made in 1975, but we can found another type of gralla, called dolçaina that it made in s.Hey all, I thought I'd try to keep this bloggin thing going a few days, see if I can get into it.There is hardly a "living" band, that found its way so deep into my soul, because they were with me in situations, where i needed a remedy for my soul, which for me is the best way to describe "the sound of Phoenix".Years ago i split up with a girlfriend and felt really dark, shitty and depressed (you know how that feels...).

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