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Alfred Dronge, show above checking an acoustic, was known as a man who cared intensely about his guitars, the people who made them and the people who played them.After only a year, the Dronge-Mann partnership dissolved. Determined as ever, Dronge pursued his vision for Guild guitars, but to make the dream a reality he would have to seek out better and better craftsmen In this crucial period, the men Dronge found to build the Guild tradition came from around the world.I have the original 12 string guild acoustic guitar from the mamas and papas reunion tour1985/ That was John Phillips ! T.serial # 59661 I would sell for a lot of $ starting at 6,500.00 we were appraised at over 10,000 Hi. Could you help me date this guitar so I can brag about how "vintage" it is?

It is sunburst, equipped with a gold Guild vibrato and is absolutely beautiful. : : : Is the a link to a site where I can find guild guitar serial numbers, especially the old ones I am in the same boat as you, I have a guild that was manufactured before 1951 and can;t find the information on the serial number.

Guitar business boomed, and Guild stayed with the times by working with prominent new artists and developing new products, including solidbody electric guitars and basses.

The Hoboken factory expanded until it could expand no more, at which time Al Dronge discovered an old furniture factory in Westerly, Rhode Island, with all the space and many of the machines and craftsmen Guild would need for increased production.

While production moved to the Westerly factory, the offices remained in New Jersey, a situation that would prove fatal.

While commuting to the factory in his private plane on May 3rd, 1972, Al Dronge ran into heavy weather and died when the plane went down.

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