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Dronge's death was a blow to Guild, but his powerful legacy remained the guiding spirit behind operations.Despite many challenging ups and downs through the late ’70s and ’80s, the factory in Westerly held to its ideal of craftsmanship. When Guild was eventually purchased in 1995 by Fender Musical Instruments, the event was hailed by the craftsmen in the factory.This commitment means doing all the things that made Guild great in the first place: investing in the highest-quality craftsmen and equipment, and establishing close ties with the finest guitar players.The guitars produced by Guild have always been inspired by the needs of the guitar player.Alfred Dronge, a professional guitarist and music store owner, and George Mann, a one-time Epiphone exec, formed a partnership and registered the Guild name in October of 1952.The partners set up shop in a 1500-square-foot New York City loft in the midst of two very important communities: the community of experienced craftsmen from the nearby Epiphone and Gretsch factories and the community of big-time jazz session guitarists performing and recording in New York.Fill out the form below with some info about your Need and We will get back to you as soon as I can. I have a Guild X-500 'Stuart' guitar, Serial number DA 255.

The Guild Guitar line was founded as a quality alternative to the Gibson-Epiphone merger.I bought it brand new directly from the Guild factory through my brother's music store around 1969, 1970 or thereabouts. : : : Is the a link to a site where I can find guild guitar serial numbers, especially the old ones its an older guild hollow body,very light, the serial number is 6624. I would love it if you could tell me the style HI; I RECENTLY PICKED UP AN OLD GUILD GUITAR WHICH I BELIEVE IS EITHER EARLY EIGHTIES OR LATE 70'S.I have only played it in my home or my friend's home and at church. But I can't find any "AJ" numbers that go up that high for this model of 12 string. I SAW A PHOTO OF THE SAME GUITAR IN A BOOK ABOUT THE HISTORY OF GUITARS, WHICH STATED THAT IT WAS PART OF A BRIAN MAY MODEL LINE. I WAS WONDERING IF I COULD VERIFY POSSIBLY THE MODEL TYPE , AGE OR ANY DETAILS ABOUT THE GUITAR. It is my hope that our Customers will help me support Independent Guitar Manufacturers. We look forward to your feedback, we can open a cooperation!

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