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They wouldn’t be the easiest places for temporary visitors to find or navigate but they are there and they have been there for quite a while.Some of these shops have been raided in the past though they keep on operating today. While the is ubiquitous throughout the city most offer nothing more than an honest to goodness haircut or at most a manicure from a pretty woman in a sexy dress.Finding fun in Saigon often requires a lot of chatting and even dating before there’s even a possibility of anything going down.

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Foreigners are most likely to find themselves in one of the many hostess bars of Ho Chi Minh City.Because of this, foreign guys who end up in Ho Chi Minh City often end up in bars and clubs in the areas frequented by foreigners.There they can find numerous women who are either comfortable around foreigners or looking to be.Many of the women who work in these bars will hit a hotel with a customer for the right price. There was a major crackdown back in 2013 that severely hurt the scene but several bars still remain and a few new places have even opened.A number of barbershops and massage parlors catering to foreigners in the Korean area of town near the airport offer full service massage for 1 million Dong ( US) or less.

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