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"Consumers should be able to purchase products anywhere at any time, which is exactly what they are demanding," says Dan Wagner, CEO and founder of international commerce specialist Powa Technologies.He continues: "As much of the world heads towards a cashless economy, which is being spearheaded in Nordic regions, a single digital market is the only logical answer …"Video streaming sites like Netflix and BBC i Player use geo-blocks to limit their audiences to a particular region – which is why things like Mad Men are restricted to the US," says Thomas."Licensing limitations are usually the main reason behind the blocking, or they might choose to do this in order to maximise the effect of promotional campaigns."Geo-blocking is also necessary to respect national laws.

We are now living in a global village that's supposed to resemble a level playing field – a single digital market would empower businesses and boost growth in the global economy.

From Europe, that seems ludicrous – Europe only wants what the US already has – but geo-blocking is more complicated than that.

There are many reasons why a website would want to block a particular geographical area.

"Many companies now operate in more than one jurisdiction, juggling compliancy with multiple tax regimes," says Andrew Sullivan, Fellow at internet performance company Dyn.

Alegerea unui spațiu de discuție poate constitui din start trasarea cadrului general al dialogului viitor.

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