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I can just remember three or four men working together at the pump at intervals during the day.

Then an electric pump was installed, and later an emergency supply was laid on from the public mains, which had not always been available.

Many people living nearby relied upon the Workhouse bell as a time-keeper.

Once, when for some reason it was rung later than usual, some of them came to complain!

The garden covered about four acres and a nearby field also belonged to the Workhouse.My sister and I were known as Miss Sybil and Miss Joan.We had been born in this Workhouse, and our father had been born there when HIS parents were Master and Matron.On weekdays the bell was rung to this timetable: This showed that the inmates normally worked less than an eight-hour day.They did not work on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays, unless in the kitchen or helping the infirm and so forth.

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