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As it's currently written, it’s hard to tell exactly what you're asking.She finally got back and was surprised to see that I had made some drink, but she was glad.Gmail shares a massive 15 GB of email storage with other Google services, which makes it super easy to share files with email recipients straight from your Google Drive account without having to leave Gmail, even files as large as 10 GB!I am trying to create a view for our firm to check the subdollar price. could anyone help me improve my query or do you have ant suggestion what caused the query running slow? This program is to implement: - If the New Order violates the sub-penny rule - If the Order Ack violates the sub-penny rule - When the New Order and Order Ack price are not equal •Only orders with correct number of decimals/rounding should be in the system – (on Order price) = 0,000 1 decimal places */ WITH PRICE (new Order Price, New Orderprice, new Transaction GUID, new Msg Text,ack Order Price, Ack Orderprice,ack Transaction GUID,ack Msg Text) AS ( SELECT --remove the trailing 0 in price REVERSE(SUBSTRING(reverse(New Orderprice), PATINDEX('%[1-9.]%', reverse(New Orderprice)), len(New Orderprice) - PATINDEX('%[1-9.]%', reverse(New Orderprice)) 1)) AS new Order Price , New Orderprice , new Transaction GUID , new Msg Text , REVERSE(SUBSTRING(reverse(Ack Orderprice), PATINDEX('%[1-9.]%', reverse(Ack Orderprice)), len(Ack Orderprice) - PATINDEX('%[1-9.]%', reverse(Ack Orderprice)) 1)) AS ack Order Price , Ack Orderprice , ack Transaction GUID , ack Msg Text FROM ( SELECT --make sure we get the price from transactiontext tag 44 is only numbers --------------------new Order---------------------------------------------------------- LEFT(SUBSTRING(Lsc I create a temp table in the view hoping to get the program running Faster.

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