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The idea is that the keel line of the hull should no longer have the slight hollow in the middle (about 2 - 5 mm for the two other builds, which I corrected by adding a bottom doubler) and also the transition of the sections along the keel line from a very shallow U-shape in the middle to a V-shape towards the stems should be more steady going.It really adds more work and worries but at least this aspect of the build turned out as a success.

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It may be possible to replace the bad panel and try again.You may be too close to the limiting bend ratio for 4mm plywood, and looking at a minor flaw in the material.The rest of the panels will eventually undergo some stress relaxation and be less likely to break as they settle in to the new shape.At this stage of the build, I relied on the strength of the filament tape and was not disappointed.So there is the filament tape on the outside of the hull and now the panels get permanently connected with epoxy and a glass tape on the inside at exactly this shape.

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