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These are our recently released, fun workout routines that tone your whole body all while protecting and healing your female core. With the Workins, you get to be our exercise buddies and join us in Serene’s messy living room where children aren’t excluded on set and we don’t wear midriffs thank Goodness!

Best of all they are finished in just twenty minutes or less! Workins are designed to help issues such as Diastasis Recti over time (the split that can happen down the middle wall of your stomach muscles). And ever so slightly, but noticeable enough for me to see it…my bulky calves are elongating.

We had told ourselves this time around to keep the process simple, “Just make a small book this time girls,” we said to ourselves, “maybe 150 recipes…

let’s not kill ourselves.” Perhaps we just don’t know how to do small.

In just 3 months we’ve had 1/3 of a million downloads with more people tuning in every day. It is a dry baking mix that makes either cakes or muffins. (Cuffin Mix also comes in either cinnamon or chocolate). They are down from .99 (shudder) to a new regular price of .99 and now on sale for .99.

The podcast is the place where we answer your questions and usually have a good laugh or sometimes even a good cry. If you need a sweet fix just open your Cinnamon or Muffin in a Mug pack, add water, an egg and butter and you’ll have a delightful, muffin in a minute. You can choose to make a single serve muffin or a full size family cake and all you need to do is add water, butter and eggs. The guys might not be happy with the “bottom line” numbers but we’re much happier with the price and can sleep at night knowing they are more affordable for you now.

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We also included lots of single serve recipes along with breakfasts, lunches, snacks and sweet treats. a one chapter, Simple Start Guide is included for those new to the plan or as a refresher if you already know the plan but have had trouble understanding it in the past. You’ll feel like you’re eating a cake with 2 cups of butter but nope, it has a little butter but doesn’t abuse it. The Trim Healthy Way of eating involves a beautiful balance of enjoying fats and carbs without abusing them.

But even if you are not dealing with challenging issues such as DR, Workins will help strengthen your pelvic floor and core in order to prevent such things from happening. My mind and body were depleted and defeated prior to THM. I have two lipomas (basically a non cancer fatty tumor). One twisted within muscle on my wrist and one near my spine.

No matter your level of fitness (or even if you are pregnant) there is level for you to follow along during the Workins. Since many are now doing Workins together as families (children have a blast) or getting together for Workin sessions with friends, you can now buy the exercise equipment all separately. After doing THM for quite some time now, they are pretty much gone. I finally have Food Freedom without Food Calculus of points & constant hunger and blood sugar swings“I am 51 yrs old, at goal weight, and have always been a very consistent exerciser using a couple other programs. We have sent Serene’s husband and members of our THM team there several times in the past to keep up the important relationship with our stevia farmers who farm their acres of stevia as they have done for centuries but have never been there ourselves.

Exciting news received that there will be 10 boys and 10 girls arriving from Japan to stay for 2 weeks with 4-H Manitoba Host Families from August 3-17, 2018.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a new friend from across the globe? Read more » Manitoba Infrastructure has approved the highway clean-up day to be May 26th with the rain date being June 2nd.

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