Eve corp standings not updating

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Increases in lock range and cargo capacity for battleships as well as the ability for Attack Battlecruisers to fit Medium Micro Jump Drives are coming, as well as a number of tweaks to several Battlecruisers and Heavy Assault Ships.

The Monitor is the first ship in a new group called “Flag Cruisers”.

The standings will update to the avarage after every downtime. Standings aren't applied to the corp even if 8 days are passed (1 more day than it's required). This issue occurs usually after an expansion, when downtimes don't work properly.

It is also worth noting that members standings towards NPC corps do not begin to affect their global corp standing towards the relevant NPC corp until they have been a member of their current corp for at least 7 days. Please let us know if there is a bug and how long it takes until it will be fixed. Each time I had an answer in the same day when I have petitioned about it, but this time there is no answer so far...

There will now be a slight tethering delay after jumping through a cynosural field to a destination structure.

The March release will also include a set of tweaks to the Entosis Link module and to Sovereignty capture events.

As part of the continuous work to provide solid quality of life changes and iterations, this release will see a host of small changes aimed at making the life of a capsuleer more convenient. While the appearance of the chat system won’t change for now, the underlying technology behind it is undergoing a radical upgrade to improve server performance and to provide more flexibility for future development.

The agent, their corporation and faction have derived standings with the pilot and his corporation.

EVE Online Portal, the official companion app to EVE Online, will allow both new and experienced players to stay connected to the EVE universe at all times, making the EVE Online experience that much more immersive and accessible.

Main features:· Keep abreast of in-game developments through the activity feed· Push notifications · Messages · Mail · Calendar· Buy PLEX and Aurum · Access to character profile page Corporations and Alliances within EVE Online can connect to players at all times, ensuring fluid and regular lines of communication between members, allowing mobilisation of forces at short notice and around the clock strategic planning.

With this release, capsuleers will be able to enjoy the release of the latest animated SKIN, as well as a little bit of history around its origins. As part of The Hunt, there’ll be a number of SKINs available both as loot drops and in the New Eden Store.

Keep an eye on the news and your wingmen to see the cool color combinations coming with the latest event.

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