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The standings will update to the avarage after every downtime. Standings aren't applied to the corp even if 8 days are passed (1 more day than it's required). This issue occurs usually after an expansion, when downtimes don't work properly.

It is also worth noting that members standings towards NPC corps do not begin to affect their global corp standing towards the relevant NPC corp until they have been a member of their current corp for at least 7 days. Please let us know if there is a bug and how long it takes until it will be fixed. Each time I had an answer in the same day when I have petitioned about it, but this time there is no answer so far...

There will now be a slight tethering delay after jumping through a cynosural field to a destination structure.

The March release will also include a set of tweaks to the Entosis Link module and to Sovereignty capture events.

From March 20th through to April 3rd, capsuleers will be able to enjoy the latest event in New Eden.

The Hunt begins as pilots across the cluster are tasked with finding Guristas installations scattered throughout New Eden and putting an end to their illegal cloning research.

From color coded fleet watchlists to the inclusion of ship types in broadcasts for remote repair, as well as more filters in module comparison and additional tooltips, there’s something in the March release for every pilot! As we look more and more toward the future and prepare for the journey toward the third decade, the retirement of EVE Voice with the March Release opens new potential for the EVE Online client and allows for further performance improvement work and futureproofing of New Eden, making the world a better place for every capsuleer!

The primary goals of these changes are to shake up the sovereignty combat metagame and give pilots new gameplay options to optimize and master.

With increased score gains for node capture, as well as a reduction in the number of starting nodes, and an increase in random spawning, capsuleers will encounter a more streamlined experience.

To be more specific: A character joined on = after 07 days I even tried to anchor a tower because I thought that is my client's fault. This sounds good, but show us that isn't only on the paper:"[...]You will also have noticed an increase in the pace of small targeted patches and hotfixes, many in response to the reports we are getting in from new back-end systems we put in place to help us react to issues faster.[...]"I really expect an answer, please.

But I had a message popped regarding "0.00 standings". I wonder why I had an answer in the same day (even if the answer was about waiting until the next DT), in similar situations in the past and I have no answer now? Just say that I'm wrong and tell what should I do to see standings applied. Same problem, I recently created a new corporation at and want to join Gallente Militia.

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