Evan taubenfeld and avril dating

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Or courting the media deliberately in order to make sure her records sell?

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Will someone please give me a link to an article showing me where she has in fact said her music was rock/punk? Hello, I would like to give my opinion to large Avril lavigne contraversy.

This song obviously wasn't written by herself; most artists don't even write there own music. She has a good voice; most mainstream music does get 'jazzed up' Reguardless if she wrote the tune; or produced it; I found this song 'refreshingly mature' from a juvenile's stand point. This means she knows absolutely nothing about punk rock and strippes her of any credit as a punk rocker. her last few singles have had the stupidest lyrics i've ever heard! Johny Ramone must be rolling in his dear Maynard, is there no justice?

Avril Lavigne is just another manufactured pop star who has a slightly different manufactured image than Britney Spears and such. surely you can have ya name credited to writing songs like on album covers if you didnt right them in the first place,that would be copy right & no she isnt a punk nor has she ever said she was thats the media labeling her that & yes ive seen her 6 times live now & there aint nuttin wrong with her voice or the songs or performance's on the night.freakin hell Haha! People call this music deep and written about real stuff?

I admidt, sometimes she does appear naive and immature, but hey - she's young, and was thrown into the spotlight all of a sudden... All in all, I think she's a cool chick, and making the most of her spotlight.

I think as far as musical talent Avril does have singing ability.

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