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In due course Galitzine was detached from his squadron to experiment with a Spitfire which had been adapted for high altitude flying.The idea was to confront the Junkers 86 P, an extremely high flying reconnaissance aircraft.Some years later Galitzine was returning from a sales tour of the Far East via Moscow, where President Khrushchev had agreed to meet him; in the event, the Soviet leader failed to turn up, but he did send a gift, a cigarette case.Such was Galitzine's success with Avro that he decided to launch his own aircraft sales business.He therefore signed on as an ordinary seaman with a shipping line and reached Scotland, where he was promptly arrested on suspicion of being a spy.Fortunately, Galitzine's father was at this time working for British Intelligence, and he swiftly satisfied the authorities; the way was now clear for Galitzine to be commissioned into the RAFVR and, following a period of operational training, he was posted in November 1941 to No 504, a Spitfire fighter squadron stationed at Ballyherbert, Northern Ireland.

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One day he had just landed passengers in Delhi when he was asked to fly to Bombay a passenger whom he described as "a dirty little man, who sat playing with his toenails, and four policemen".

As Mannerheim was on the point of having to side with the Germans through lack of Allied support, Galitzine accepted his offer to assist him to return home and, armed with a Finnish passport issued in the name of Graham, he sailed for Boston in the guise of an immigrant.

There the British consulate was unable to facilitate Galitzine's return to Britain, and he went to Canada, where he was again refused help.

When Dickson was posted to Italy, Galitzine accompanied him, adding Italian to his already impressive list of languages.

He then obtained a posting to No 72, a Spitfire squadron in No 324 Wing commanded by Group Captain Wilfrid Duncan Smith, father of the present Conservative Party leader.

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