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Receiving command of a flight as an acting squadron leader, Galitzine witnessed the advance beyond Monte Cassino and the liberation of Rome, before moving with his squadron to Calvi, on Corsica, to prepare for the invasion of the south of France.After the war, Galitzine flew for Airline Services of India.He therefore signed on as an ordinary seaman with a shipping line and reached Scotland, where he was promptly arrested on suspicion of being a spy.Fortunately, Galitzine's father was at this time working for British Intelligence, and he swiftly satisfied the authorities; the way was now clear for Galitzine to be commissioned into the RAFVR and, following a period of operational training, he was posted in November 1941 to No 504, a Spitfire fighter squadron stationed at Ballyherbert, Northern Ireland.

Such was Galitzine's success with Avro that he decided to launch his own aircraft sales business.He also engaged in cross-Channel sweeps, during which he shot down a Focke Wulf 190 fighter.After two years' continuous operational flying, Galitzine was rested as personal assistant to Air Vice Marshal Sir William Dickson, subsequently a Chief of Air Staff but then commanding No 83, one of the groups preparing for the Normandy invasion.They had packed their belongings in wicker laundry baskets, and were ready to leave, when Emanuel's mother realised that she had mislaid her wedding ring.Deciding that this was a bad omen, they postponed their departure - later learning that the train on which they would have travelled had been attacked by the Bolsheviks, and every passenger killed.

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