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Amazon plans to revamp the Alexa skill store, as users have not widely adopted it, according to a media executive who met with Amazon this week and has various voice partnerships in the works with the company.Amazon also recently hired a new team for the skill store for this effort, this executive said.Additionally, they’ve set up mini soundproof pods you can step into to enable demos.” Throughout the week, both Google and Amazon have met with media companies, technology partners and marketers as they try to get more content for their virtual assistant products and expand distribution inside third-party devices, including connected TVs, connected cars and even smart glasses.With marketers, the interest is high as clients ask for more information on how to approach Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.For consumer packaged goods marketers, the focus is on “replenishment purchases” — the essentials people need to buy, Maceda added.Admittedly, although Amazon is further along in voice, it still has some work of its own to do.

DIMOCOs mobile messaging services are available around the world.

Marketing and Logistics Representative Tel /Fax USA 1 (212) 722-1744 ext 71 E-mail: [email protected]: @idateconference Linkedin Industry Group:

gid=2190639 Video review of the 2014 i Date conference agenda:

Registration is at: DIMOCO DIMOCO was founded in the year 2000 and has become one of the leading mobile payment and messaging providers today.

The company makes it possible for business customers to bill their digital content and process their mobile transactions via DIMOCOs infrastructure.

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