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Comeuppance, I think, for him jamming my social-media feeds with all those sexy photos. “It’s strange how clear that memory is,” Jonas says of that afternoon. It was my favorite thing to do—still is, it turns out.” He learned some show tunes, and within a couple of years was auditioning on Broadway. The actor-singer effectively launched his career at age 6, when he was in a salon with his mother and she prompted him to sing a ditty for the customers." -Nick "I've got a secret" -Dani "Yeah" -Nick "I've been wanting to kiss you all day"- Dani "I've been wanting to kiss you too" - Nick "I like you so much that its been tearing me apart" -Nick "This is how I am, this is how I want to be to you. And I dont want to put you in a situations cause I know you have a boyfriend and it sucks and now I am too deep in it cause I've been hanging out with you so much." - Nick "Blink one time if you're falling for me.... " - Nick "That's for Nick"- Dani (after winning HOH) "I think you mean alot more to me than you actually realize"- Dani (Nick's goodbye message) "Nick wasn't just one of my best friends in the house.Nick was one of the best friends that I've had in a long time. And umm, yeah I just wanted to thank you for the time that I've had in this house has been enjoyable, for the most part because of myself and you, the memories that we have shared. Nick The Birthday/HOH Letter: First & foremost, Happy Birthday Blondie!It is those things that make you want to wake up the next morning and remember the reason that you're here and keep fighting for the prize. "I have found the paradox, where if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." I honestly must say that after going to New York, it was so hard to return to this house. is it because he has a big brain in his little head? I want you to know that not trusting you and trusting things that little weasels put into my head was a horrible thing to do. I miss you so much and that to be continued, I have so much to tell you and things left unsaid. Chat room soon I promise - Nick Dani's 2nd HOH Blog: What a week huh? 4) She makes my heart melt (which can be good and bad) it feels good but I also need my heart non-melted so it may supply my body w/ the appropriate blood that it needs... 7) The way she looks into my eyes and makes me feel as if I'm the only one in the world... Obsession - Frankie J Right Kind of Wrong - Le Ann Rimes. Nick & Daniele (BB8) #1: Because he said "There's this one girl who's flawless." Nick & Daniele (BB8) #2: Because he met the girl of his dreams.People make mistakes in life and people make mistakes in this game. "Snails see the benefits, the beauty in every inch" that describes my feelings of this week. 5) When I'm with her I feel as if nothing in the world can go wrong... Let me take you there - Plain white T's Innocence - Avril Lavigne Oh, It is Love - Hello Goodbye She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals Because they were never a showmance. Nick and Daniele (bb8) #3 B/C He gave her the key to his heart.

Cuz I'm with the woman of my dreams." - Nick "Shut up" - Dani Dani's 1st HOH Blog: To Nick. I'll have my people talk to your people (wink) Then it's "Dani & me tonight" Hawk twa & 153 Dollface To Be Continued XOXOXOXO Nick's Blog Response to the Letter: Hey everyone..SWEET was last night..Dustin, and Dani HOH... I guess Dani got her letter from me too woo hoo Anyways... if you are looking for an answer, i'm sorry but youre not going to get one. You Tube - Big Brother 8: Don't Be A Dick You Tube - Big Brother 8 USA Nick Dancing You Tube - Nick to Dani - I will wait for you You Tube - Nick and Daniele (BB8 US) - Chasing Cars You Tube - Nick & Daniele - Take Me There You Tube - Dani and Nick - Dancing You Tube - Nick and Daniele - What Hurts The Most You Tube - Dani to Nick - Can't get you out of My head You Tube - Nick and Dani - Something To Believe In You Tube - Daniele & Nick- Bubbly.

To lose somebody like that, its hard."-Dani Nick's goodbye speech: I want to say that I know the votes are pretty much set in stone already and one of my Favortie HGs said it best " it is what it is". People come in here with a certain game plan, things they want to do. Your very beautiful, smart, intelligent, everything, the list goes on and one. And it will be hard walking away from the big brother house but the hardset thing will probably be walking away from you. Proposal...it'd be somewhere special." - Nick "Of course I think of Dani before I go to bed. I know a lot of people have been writing me in regards to that and if I've read it.... Still trying to get to all the add friend requests... I miss you so much & know that things in the house are hard but you will perservere because of how strong & determined you are.

I have my Dani necklace on and I think of her." - Nick "She can have whatever she wants...including my heart." - Nick "I had butterflies around Dani alot." - Nick "Most looking forward to? Most nervous about is just running into her like the first time we get...yeah, looking into each others eyes. It's hard because I must go through every page so it's coming around slowly... Congrats on HOH, I'm proud of you & expected nothing less..a competitor. (probably only in the leg or arm or something but I would take one Wink) 3) I would travel in a delorean to June 30th so I could meet you over and over again ... 5) never stop loving you or letting you know how much I care about you and how special you really are to me...

And shes probably scared I'm gonna **** her over and then she wont have anything to fall back on. I know from looks and feelings and just little innocent glances and touches that she is into me and I'm into her.

I can tell with that, no problem"- Nick to Amber "I've got a secret" -Dani "What?

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