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On the first Mitosis of the Spore Mother -cells of Lilium. I O'Reilly — Milesian Colonization relative to Gold-mining. The fact of these three Celtic nations being isolated, as mentioned by JSTiebuhr, in Spain, would point to the inference that the Celts were the original inhabitants of the greater part of Spain, and had been split up and driven into the mountain districts by invading races. A long narrow peninsula separates the bays of Betanzos and of Ayres from the harbour of Eerrol, opposite to which stands the port of Coru£a. by the Eomans, and an inscription discovered near its foundations informs us that it was built by Cauis Servius Lupus, arcbitect to tbe town of Aqua Flavia, and that it was dedicated to Mars. IS'ave, 34 feet 6 inches; chancel, 19 feet 2 inches long; and both 19 feet 2 inches wide. 1080, with a neatly moulded and splayed semicircular-headed window ; the outer head has a di-aconic ornament. The harbour of Eerrol is said to be the best in Europe ; it is ten miles long and from a quarter to half a mile in breadth, with sufficient depth of water to allow the largest vessels to approach the town, which stands five miles from the entrance, and frigates may pass two miles fui'ther up.

:i:i) DUBLIN: PUBLISHED AT THE ACADEMY HOUSE, 19, DAWSON-STEEET, SOLD ALSO By HODGES, FIGGIS, & CO. ; By WILLIAMS & NORGATE, London : 14, Henrietta-street, Cotent Garden. The great bay which forms the common entrance to all thesis inlets is the Partus Magjms of the ancients. Tbe principal port on tbe western coast of Galicia is tbe deep, capacious bay of Yigo, in wbicb tbe largest vessels may ride securely one mile above tbe town. There is a projecting moulding under the window, like that at Manister Kieran, in Aranmore. The other features of the church date fi-om the fiiteenth century, being a large pointed chancel arch, and several windows in the south and west gable ; the south door is defaced, but was pointed. In the graveyard, to the south-east, is a remarkable altar, 10 feet 6 inches by 9 feet 6 inches, of large and well-cut blocks, with many rounded "cursing stones." The church is not far fi-om the lai'ge stone fort of Caher- cloggaun. It is much more broken, however, than the coasts of Astui'ias and Biscay, being more exposed to the violent action of the strong currents of the Atlantic, which run in these latitudes at the rate of half a mile an hour. 372 : — "The coast of Galicia is everywhere bold, and may be safely approached by mariners. 12.) 1 Similax modern crosses are illustrated in " Untrodden Paths in Roumania," by Mrs. 27 ; she also gives the type with the circle so common ia Ireland. The determining reason assigned for their emigration fi'om Spain is the extraordinary di'ought and consequent famine that then afiicted that country. The first (destruction of Tarragona) happened at the time of this great di'ought, which lasted for a period of twenty-sis years, dun'ng which no rain fell. And according to some the poor people were saved and the rich perished, because the poor, not having wherewithal! Hence it might be assumed, that the valleys of the Tag Tis, Deuro, and Minho, and those of the Astimas and Galicia would have afforded shelter and favoiu'able conditions of life to emigi'ants from the central plateau. Citing from the article on Egypt "in the British Encyclopedia (1877)," we find the following dates 42 Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Theu' architecture seems to hare been of a Cyclopean character." In the article "Ship,"' it is stated: — "The Phoenicians, at an early date, constructed merchant vessels capable of carrying cargoes, and of traversing the length and breadth of the llediterranean, perhaps even of trading to the far Cassiterides, and of the circumnavigating Africa." Pa the article fi'om " Chambers' Encyclopedia," already cited, it is stated : — " The iuternal arrangement of their vessels was perfect, and excited the wonder and admiration of the Greeks, by their beiag so splendidly adapted at once for navigation, freight, and defence." Pa the article on "Phoenicia,"- it is said: — "The beginnings of navigation lie beyond all human memory, but it is not hard to under- stand how the ancients made this also an invention of the Phoenicians, whose skill as seamen was never matched by any ancient people, before or after them. In the same manner, they would have become acquainted vsdth the fact of the Deur'o, also being auriferous, and would have explored the valley of the Minho, and more particularly its upper waters, the Sil and all its embranchments, and thus would have acquired a knowledge of the remarkable gold district of the Sil. On the place of the Ausdehnungslehre in the general associative Algebra of the Quaternion type, . It would be easy to parallel their wanderings, from what is known of the travels of gi'oups of mining explorers at the present time in search of gold or other profitable ore. : — "Concerning the great drongbt of Spain and also of the first ruin of Tan'agona, and of the peoples that thereafter penetrated into Spain. Although the historians differ as to the date of this event they are agreed on the fact of the occui Tence of this great di'ought, of which also Diego de Valeca makes mention in the second part of his work, cap. It happened, there- fore, in consequence of this great drought, that Spain became de- j Dopulated to such an extent that the inhabitants went away to inhabit the bordering or neighbotuing provinces, where they remained until the bad time had passed. The authority cited mentions in Spain, as such, the valleys of the Ebro and Guadalquiver, because of their sources being situated in snow-clad mountains ; this condition would have characterised equally certain of the rivers of the northern part of Spain and Gaul, having their sources in the highest points of the Pyrenees. X5T1II., 1-11) has probably been derived from a sight of Phoeni- cian mining Tvorks. coast of the Peninsula, that the Tagus carried gold in its sands, and probably Lisbon, as it then existed, was a trading station for them in that respect.

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