Delaware dating laws

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If such person has a seal of office such person shall affix it to the instrument.(2) The signature, without more, of the person or persons signing the instrument, in which case such signature or signatures shall constitute the affirmation or acknowledgment of the signatory, under penalties of perjury, that the instrument is such person's act and deed or the act and deed of the corporation, and that the facts stated therein are true.The legal team receives electronic alerts when opinions are due, according to Deputy Director Nathan Byerly.As a result, Byerly can count on one hand the number of times they missed their 30-day deadline.In addition, the amendments to DCGL §§ 254, 263 and 264 make clear that mergers with foreign entities of the types covered by such sections (joint stock or other association, partnership and limited liability companies) are now expressly permitted. A 2015 Center for Public Integrity assessment of state ethics and accountability cited multiple states where appeals stretch months to more than a year.

Such acknowledgment shall be made before a person who is authorized by the law of the place of execution to take acknowledgments of deeds.

Similarly, notices required under DGCL §§ 151(f), 202(a) and 364 (relating to notices to holders of uncertificated stock and restrictions on transfers of securities) are now permitted to be given by electronic transmission. ” Importantly, DGCL § 232, as amended, requires that such communication be capable of being directly reproduced in paper form by its recipient through an automated process.

The term “electronic transmission” is defined in DGCL § 232, which section has been amended to permit the use of electronic networks or databases including ‘‘any form of communication, not directly involving the physical transmission of paper, that creates a record that may be retained, retrieved and reviewed by a recipient thereof . These changes were driven in part by the “Delaware Blockchain Initiative,” an effort championed by Delaware’s former governor to promote the use of blockchain technology.

A Deloitte and Touche report found that the backlog of federal FOIA requests more than doubled to nearly 160,000 from fiscal 2009 to fiscal 2014.

Delays are understandable given the explosion in communication technologies, from email to text to Instagram, according to James Tierney, a former Maine Attorney General who runs State AG, an educational website on the office of the state attorney general.

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