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But, I’m back now, ready to start sharing with all of you the fruits of my research. We are now free to be a seven-genre-crossing author if we want! But, it was a nigh-on-impossible quest to go from regency romance to noir crime thriller.

I’ve been doing some deep digging into the state of the publishing industry, analyzing trends, and preparing to throw down some predictions. Today, we’re going to explore current publishing trends and the strategy of choosing a genre. Only a handful of already mega-successful authors really ever managed it well.

If our career goal is to be a hybrid author or even a purely legacy publishing track, then building in a primary genre becomes even more critical. Getting a book out with the Big 5 generally takes anywhere from 18-24 months.Eight songs are taught in English and the other eight corresponding songs are taught in Spanish. Regardless of the publishing path we choose, genre focus is the game-changer that transitions us from published authors to powerhouse brands. By now, all of you should know that when you don’t hear from me (Cait) for a while, you should probably worry because I’m holed up in my study either doing research or coming up with new and creative ways to achieve world domination–though so far, I’ve had to rule out hallucinogenic peanut butter, karaoke, and podcasting. We’ve broken the oppressive shackles of traditional publishing in all areas, including the ridiculous way publishers used to limit writers to one specific genre. This was imperative for crafting a brand—which is when a name alone has the power to drive sales. How many thrillers can one writer write before the thrill is gone? But, rules were rules and why mess with what worked? Back in the day, if we started writing historical romance…well, we pretty much kept writing we chose for our next book.Thus, it makes sense for publishers to erect strong parameters around the the author’s brand.Focus is what generates traction, backlist, and a solid fan base with money to spend.

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