Dating with the telegraph newspaper

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The newspaper takes a centre-right political stance and traditionally supports the Conservative Party, although it backed the Liberal Party under William Gladstone in the early years.

The Daily Telegraph supported the Conservative Party at the 2005 General Election.

Interesting events likely to be covered in an old Telegraph 50th birthday newspaper from this year include: The Daily Telegraph is part of the Telegraph Media Group and is owned by identical twin brothers, Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay.

It is printed from Monday to Saturday in broadsheet format and as of December 2008, it has an average weekly circulation of 824,244 copies.

The front page had previously been dedicated to advertisements and paid announcements, as the advertising revenue contributed significantly towards the cost of producing the newspaper.

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Whilst they wouldn't have been making the news just yet some historical events that may appear in archived Telegraph newspapers include: Born in 1952?

He was subsequently ennobled as 1st Viscount Burnham in 1919.

Viscount Burnham sold the Daily Telegraph to the newspaper publishers William and Gomer Berry (later Viscount Camrose and Viscount Kemsley) on 1st January 1928, but members of the Burnham family continued to serve on the board of the Daily Telegraph until 1986.

The Berry brothers split their newspaper holdings in 1937; William Berry (1st Viscount Camrose) retained The Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph, whilst Gomer Berry (1st Viscount Kemsley) formed the Kemsley newspaper group, which included The Sunday Times, the Sunday Graphic and the Daily Sketch.

Baron Camrose purchased the Morning Post on 24th August 1937, which was the favoured newspaper of the retired officer class.

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