Dating winchester m1 carbine

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- Universal Firearms Corporation was the successor to the Bullseye Company, they manufactured M1 Carbine copies for commercial sales in the early 1960s. Actually, its quite a pleasure to shoot and accurate to 100 yards.

Initially the bulk of the components Universal used in their carbines were U. government surplus except for the forged receivers which were made by Repp Steel Company of Buffalo. You will also find several wildcat rounds derived from Universal design.

Here's an excellent history of the Universal company, along with details on the various versions: Firearms started out as Bullseye in 1950, and later changed their name to Universal Firearms.

They were bought by Iver Johnson in 1983, who were then bought by American Military Arms Corp (AMAC) in 1987.

Unfortunately, this is one of the non-GI parts, and aren't available anywhere I know of.

It may be weldable, or it may turn have turned this one into a parts gun.

The second generation is where Universal got creative, started redesigning things, added the second recoil spring, and started to machine their own parts.

This model eliminated the bolt locking mechanism all together.

My ser# is 402xxx and was built in the mid 70's so I don't think yours is too much earlier, definitely not C&R...These had a leaf style flip rear sight, round bolt, magazine catch marked M, and new trigger housing.These could still accept the USGI trigger housing, and some had the M2 style metal upper handguard.Fortunately, the CMP carbines, while more expensive, are a good alternative.I just picked up a Universal M1 Carbine today for 0, and was finding it difficult to find a specific date in which it was made, the only info I was able to find, said it was made in Hialeah Florida,and dated it between 1961-1984, with the serial number, does anyone have any ideas when it would have been made? I never knew it was a POS until I read it on the net.....

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