Dating spam bot

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If two people swipe right, they are matched and can message each other.Scammers often use bots (software that can answer questions with automated responses) to initiate contact with people looking for a date. If a tan, half-naked model instantly responds to a match with “Heya ;)” it’s probably a bot.Last month, Kristin Shotwell, 21, was walking home from class when her friend told her that he had seen her profile pop up on Tinder while visiting the University of Georgia in Athens.There was one problem: Shotwell, a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, had been nowhere near Athens at the time and had never signed up for Tinder.

Just generate a key with @Bot Father and use a simple https API to control your bot.

Shotwell said that the photos that her friends saw on Tinder were were images she had posted on Facebook, which she has since made private.

Tinder is relatively new, so there are not that many statistics on how many fake profiles are floating around out there.

Telegram is about freedom and openness – our code is open for everyone, as is our API.

Today we’re making another step towards openness by launching a Bot API and platform for third-party developers to create bots.

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