Dating rudge bicycles

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In October 1960, a licensing agreement was drawn up allowing Raleigh to make the new, small-wheeled, unisex, dual-suspension Moulton bicycle.Production was scheduled to commence in November 1961 but in September, Raleigh imposed a moratorium: Leslie Roberts, Raleigh’s incoming managing director, did not believe the Moulton could yield a reasonable profit. 1970 – Chopper (U K) 1970 – Production ceased motorised products.Therefore, in July 1965, Raleigh launched the RSW16 with an unprecedented £100,000 of publicity (= more than £1m today). The character began at the start of the alphabet, and indicated year of manufacture.

However, Raleigh was seeing little benefit, except from the Sturmey-Archer hubs it sold to Moulton. The new system involved a second running letter, added to the first, which began at the start of the alphabet.After the war, despite shortages of fuel and steel, Raleigh’s cycle production rose rapidly.By 1949, it had reached about 750,000, the majority of which was exported.The list below is one I’ve used over the years, when buying vintage bicycles, to remember when those companies were still ‘original’ before being taken over by Raleigh: Humber 1932 Rudge-Whitworth 1943 Triumph 1954 Three Spires 1954 BSA , New Hudson, Sunbeam 1957 Phillips 1960 Hercules 1960 Norman 19 Carlton 1960 ********************* Raleigh Street, Nottingham, was the site of a small workshop which in 1886 started producing diamond-frame safety bicycles at the rate of three a week.Frank Bowden, a successful lawyer and convert to cycling, bought the firm in 1887 and in December 1888 founded The Raleigh Cycle Company as a limited liability private company.

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