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Schmidt compares the wasp’s sting to a gas lamp that “explodes when you light it,” which sounds intense. Velvet Ant ( Pain Rating: 3 It looks like an ant, but technically this bug is a wasp, and one whose sting provides long-lasting pain.Schmidt says one velvet ant sting is like “hot oil from the deep fryer spilling over your entire hand.” Yikes. Florida Harvester Ant ( Pain Rating: 3 This ant, named for the area where it’s most commonly found, has an identical rating to the previous insect, but its sting provides a different kind of pain.He came up with a four-point scale that’s anchored by a sting plenty of people are familiar with: the honey bee sting.

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Schmidt says it was 'blinding, fierce, shockingly electric' pain The sting from the bullet ant is said to create a burning and throbbing pain that lasts for up to 24 hours – some victims have said the pain is equal to being shot.

Schmidt says it’s bold, unrelenting and feels like “somebody is using a power drill to excavate your ingrown toenail,” though one has to wonder how he knows what Pain Rating: 4 “Tarantula Hawk” refers to a number of related species of wasps all over the Americas that hunt spiders.

The pain of their sting is the highest on Schmidt’s scale, and he describes it as “blinding, fierce, shockingly electric.” 8.

Pain Rating: 1 This insect is relatively common to South America and its sting is alarmingly sharp and sudden.

Schmidt likens it to a shock from “walking across shag carpet and reaching for the light switch,” which doesn’t seem fairly mild. The Western Cicada Killer ( Pain Rating: 1.5 Native to North America, this wasp is a hunter that mostly targets cicadas, who are paralyzed by its sting.

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