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The case has drawn public attention and is the center of a heated debate about the culture of denunciation from the Cultural Revolution era.In a 1963 letter to her husband, Eileen Chang wrote that the Soongs are no friends of her any more. I failed to come up with the documentary evidence, but I got an honorable mention."I love it when people pay attention to me, praise me and flatter me on the Internet." A hill of iron slag collapsed in Lifan county.A reporter found that there was a cover-up on the cause as well as the number of deaths.A 'forced demolition/relocatoin' resulted in three persons setting themselves on fire.

A pretty female pharmaceutical company sales representative, bribery, wanton sex, doctors and nurses, AIDS and human flesh search came togehter to become AIDS Gate at the Jiangsu Province People's Hospital.Cyber cafes in Guanxian county, Shandong province, have been shut down for more than two months.Could the reason be an Internet post about how the local family planning office forced a 9-month-pregnant woman to undergo an abortion during which mother and baby died?So the Yunnan government invited a netizen committee to investigate on site and issue a report without interference.Translation of a Southern Weekend article reviewing the major events of 2008 on the Chinese Internet -- Sexy Photo Gate, the Lhasa disturbance, the Weng'an incident, the series of exposures of government abuses, etc.

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