Dating people in the office

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And what better place to find people who share your passions?“My options sometimes feel like it’s either work or Tinder,” one friend recently said to me, only half joking.Depending on the circumstances, failing to do so could cost you a raise, a promotion – or even your job.Of course, warnings about the dangers of workplace dating and office hookups are nothing new.

If you have you got your eye on a co-worker but don’t know whether you should make a move, proceed carefully.

' Nattie and TJ, they've been a couple for over a decade and both got their start in wrestling together. After consulting a divorce attorney, it seems that things are not so perfect in WWE heaven...7. Not all work environments are romance-friendly, and if your boss suspects that your dating life is interfering with your professional life, you could potentially be risking your career. In this case, you're going to have to see their lovely face every single morning... Sure, it's fun when you first get to the office and see the object of your affection peering over at you in the next cubicle, but after a while it will start to get old.

Recently the couple has been dealing with a lot of issues that has made it hard for them to live in the same house together, let alone work together. Sure, you can try and pretend that you're working, but inevitably you'll be exchanging longing glances, secret text messages, IMs, the list goes on. It's not like dating some random that you can easily block on Facebook and never talk to again.

If what you are doing seems like work, you’re either in the wrong industry or you’re not doing it right.” This is a pretty good distillation of how a lot of college-educated, passionate twentysomethings prefer to see their work lives — no matter how grueling the hours are.

If work isn’t work anymore, why would a workplace romance be off-limits?

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