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The UK sign may occur at sunrise or sunset and the US sign may occur at sunset The Kingdom of God began judicially on 2008Nisan22.But its manifestation on earth was delayed by three 7 year maledictions, a Kingdom Exedenic Times from 2008Nisan14/15 to 2015Nisan14/15 (when no entrance into the 3rd Holy Spirit was possible), a Watchtower/Kingdom 1NC Alienation Times from 2008Tammuz9 to 2015Tammuz9 (when the 2nd presence 3rd Holy Spirit could not act as priest to 1NC reserves) and a Kingdom Gentile Times from 2009Tishri15 to 2016Tishri15.The Laodicean Passover was Wednesday March 7th, 2018 (2017Adar14).2017Adar14 is 101 months after the end of Satan's lease on 2009Tishri14. And Laodicea is a dry land, a true church without a water baptism.So by 2017Adar21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes, all the Laodicean armies of Jehovah have escaped from the Watchtower not by resigning from it - but by becoming some kind of autonomous dependency of it.They become Sinai to the Egypt of the Watchtower][This very day, is the 'day' of 2017Adar14-21, which is precisely 430 years, a month for a day, from 2003Heshvan14-21 which must have been the days when Roger Knight, the Laodicean apostle, baptised the 2nd Laodicean] with regard to Jehovah for bringing them out of the land of Egypt.We now predict the 2nd fire sign of 1Kings18 to occur during the day time on 2018Iyyar4/5 (Friday/Saturday/Sunday 2018April20-22), the 77th weekly Sabbath counted 2 witness Asheraian Pentecost (or the 7th Sabbath thereof) from 2006Tammuz2-6, our 2nd no show prediction failure for a US bomb and the 3rd fire sign during the night time on 2018Iyyar4/5 (Friday/Saturday/Sunday 2018April20-22) The 2nd and 3rd fire signs are nuclear terrorist attacks on Manhattan and East of London around Dartford producing mushroom clouds rising from the Hudson and the Thames. For the lightning of Matthew24 shines from the East/Sunrise to the West/Sunset and Matthew16:1-4 and Luke -56 indicate that these fire signs occur at sunrise or at sunset, beginning the summer of the harvest of the saints.Matthew24 and Revelation7:1,2 indicate that the 2nd and 3rd fire signs may be EMP weapons - man made lightning .

We deduce this from Joshua3 (the 12 stones are removed from the river and placed in Gilgal).

But that penalty had a 12 month gap from 2015Nisan22-2016Nisan21 during which Jesus must make his 2nd marriage bride rejoice and a 50 day gap for her installation as Caesar and 2x30 day gaps for ascension and descension of Jacob's ladder which is in the ark not in the wilderness.

So that extends the period for 12 months plus 110 days from 2016Elul30 to 2017Tebbeth20.

They became non adamic Abrahamic priests, with non adamic blessing power for the sons of the 1AC. So those who joined the tribes from 2012Heshvan10 onwards were non adamic.

Laodicea did not as we first thought become fa false church for the duration of their wilderness penalty. [a month for a day, 14 years and 4 months, from the baptism of the 2nd Laodicean by Roger Knight on 2003Heshvan14-21, into the hidden church of the night, the bottle gourd plant, the bottled Gordon plant, the night shade, the church of fornication with the concubine of Judges19, to 2017Adar14-21, Laodicean Cakes, when Laodiceans escape from their Egypt into a Sinai to the Egypt of the Watchtower.

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