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Traditional architecture is architecture is passed down from person to person, generation to generation, particularly orally, but at any level of society, not just by common people.Noble discourages use of the term primitive architecture as having a negative connotation....a building designed by an amateur without any training in design; the individual will have been guided by a series of conventions built up in his locality, paying little attention to what may be fashionable.The function of the building would be the dominant factor, aesthetic considerations, though present to some small degree, being quite minimal.

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In 1964 the exhibition Architecture Without Architects was put on at the Museum of Modern Art, New York by Bernard Rudofsky.

In 1946, the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy was appointed to design the town of New Gourna near Luxor.

Having studied traditional Nubian settlements and technologies, he incorporated the traditional mud brick vaults of the Nubian settlements in his designs.

suggesting that it is a primitive form of design, lacking intelligent thought, but he also stated that it was "for us better worth study than all the highly self-conscious academic attempts at the beautiful throughout Europe".

Since at least the Arts and Crafts Movement, many modern architects have studied vernacular buildings and claimed to draw inspiration from them, including aspects of the vernacular in their designs.

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