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Free to join & get started, anonymous, easy, and a great place to meet others for friendship, camaraderie, and support.

The rise of online herpes dating sites has been a revolution for people with herpes.

Statistics show that between 50 and 80% of adults have Oral Herpes (aka “cold sores” or “fever blisters”), and we don’t see them giving up on relationships!

There are chatrooms and others to talk about Herpes and Relationships on Positive Singles.

But don’t worry the first time is always the hardest, and with the very popular online Herpes HSV Dating sites available today it will be easier.

One of the most popular herpes dating sites on the internet is Positive Singles.

Chat online with other singles, browse profiles with photos, and meet some fantastic people along the way! We hope that you can find support and friendship at one of the sites listed above.

Herpes Singles Hundreds of people find relationships on Herpes Singles each month. Although a person with herpes should never feel limited to dating other people affected, these websites are a good stepping stone for communication and making new connections.

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