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Each year they visit sites he painted and compare the artwork on his cards with the views today. Well, interviewing Peter and other collectors has made me wonder whether it’s time for a reversal in the portrayal of collecting, time for collecting to edge out from the shadows.Perhaps the motivations for collecting will always be private and mysterious.

It is true that Peter does not greatly value the artistic merits of Quinton’s work (“he was not a great artist! And then I looked at the cards and thought they were interesting. It was his good relationships with dealers that allowed him to reach his goal. Rather than being estranged from society, Peter needed all his social skills to complete the Quinton series.Also at this time Salmon published a small series of local view pictorial calendars with coloured illustrations of English scenes, towns and regions.The earliest calendars were in a turnover style although, as techniques developed, both turnover and panel style calendars were produced in increasing numbers.

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