Dating in france cultural differences

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This open scandal cannot however be replaced by the kind of institution which almost everywhere else in the democratic world regulates the distribution of parliamentary seats – a National Electoral Commission – because there is also no provision for this under the Constitution.There are however moves in the US courts – which will be decided later this year – to block at least the more egregious forms of gerrymandering.

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If the Electoral College keeps on producing results which contradict the popular vote, sooner or later it will delegitimize the whole system.These joint fears of the mob and the tyrant also led them to introduce constitutional rules making it exceptionally difficult to change the constitution, and almost impossible to change it fundamentally.So the US Constitution is highly unusual in that it is neither (as one expects in constitutions stemming from democratic traditions) based on upholding democracy, nor (as one expects in constitutions stemming from authoritarian traditions) based on upholding the autonomy and effectiveness of government.Thus race, for a long time a specifically American issue, has now become a European one due to migration.The role of the US Constitution is however unique to the United States.

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