Dating god for 30 days

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I began the fast with a motive of calming fears and anxieties but ended it learning even more than that.

I drank mostly water and fruit juice, some almond milk, and some light broth. Physical hunger pangs only happened during the first three days.

Some days there will also be an opportunity for you to read a related article, or watch a short video.

Other days you’ll be encouraged to journal or write down your thoughts about a particular marriage related prompt.

When I work to heal other people’s wounds, my own wounds are also healed by God. I think this is because when I would think of food, my mind would switch to prayer instead.

I think this is one of those glorious mysteries of God’s ways. And prayer seemed to restore me even more than food. Grace & Weakness My pride urged me to leave this paragraph out of the article. Just like Peter, I felt like I denied the Lord three times.

When you give something up, let it be so that the Lord can teach you something, not so that you can boast or draw attention to yourself in any way.Pray he would not make an idol or identity out of his work.When his work is toilsome, pray for endurance and perspective.So, I hope that sharing my experience isn’t boasting but rather sharing what I learned in order to help others. Lasting Sustenance Going without solid food taught me to look to God for my strength and sustenance.Most importantly though, it taught me to look to God for my emotional sustenance.

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