Dating for dummies online

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You’re just dating so that you can get to know somebody a bit and let him or her get to know you.So what are the ironclad follow-these-steps-and-you’ll-never-fail, step-on-a-crack-and-you’ll-break-your-mother’s-back rules of dating? There are some guidelines, suggestions, and observations, but this whole experience is a bit free form since you’re unique and so is everyone you’ll ever date.If not, when you let yourself unwind you may find your date hurt, angry, and confused about how you presented yourself initially and who you are now. I wrote this book to be about dating: In this book, I tell you where to find members of the opposite sex, explain the difference between good and bad pick-up lines, give you pointers on what to wear and what to avoid, describe the perfect place to begin scouting for the perfect date and the perfect date place, and offer a lot of other information, including how much happier you’ll be if you don’t worry about the anything.After all, a little imperfection makes the world go round.Not only has dating gotten complicated (women can ask guys out), but mating has gotten really complicated as well.

The purpose of dating is simple: getting to know someone and letting that person get to know you so that you can decide whether you’re interested in spending any more time together. Put aside the notion that you’re looking for a mate or a one-night stand or someone to please your mom.

Adam and Eve were the original blind date (and we know who fixed them up).

It’s been a lot rockier ever since (ever wonder who Cain and Abel dated? In the caves, dating was mostly about who had the biggest club (no, not that club) and could carry off the choice woman.

Marriages were arranged by families for political and economic reasons.

Not only did women have no say, but neither did the men.

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