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I decided to flip the tote every few hours to ensure that each side got the same exposure to the BLO.

At the end of his workbench hanging on the wall are several backsaws that I’ve always been curious about.

From this site I was able to determine that this saw was manufactured between 18 based on the medallion and deep v-joint in the tote (handle). My goal in this is to bring the saw back to a usable state while removing the rust, dirt and crud that will eventually destroy it. I stopped by the local hardware store and picked up a bunch of supplies for this task. I was really surprised to see how dirty the plate actually was.

I use products and procedures that remove the least material to do this and keep the patina and history in the tool. First thing is to disassemble and clean everything to remove the loose crud and actually see what you’re working with. This is probably the first time the tote has ever been removed.

Some people swear by the scraping method, others think that sanding is the way to go. I was so impressed with how the tote looked that I forgot to take a picture before moving to the next step.

I decided to try and use an abrasive buffing wheel with a Dremel tool and was very happy with he results. When it was done, all of the built up gunk, paint and varnish had been removed.

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