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She’s got creativity in ‘spades’ and we couldn’t have done it without her!

We’ve made this date’s activity super easy (and super fun!

Fifteenth century scholar Lu Rong described it is as being played with 38 "money cards" divided into four suits: 9 in coins, 9 in strings of coins (which may have been misinterpreted as sticks from crude drawings), 9 in myriads (of coins or of strings), and 11 in tens of myriads (a myriad is 10,000).

The two latter suits had Water Margin characters instead of pips on them Despite the wide variety of patterns, the suits show a uniformity of structure.

Influence from further east can explain why the Mamluks, most of whom were Central Asian Turkic Kipchaks, called their cups tuman which means myriad in Turkic, Mongolian and Jurchen languages.).

The Mamluk court cards showed abstract designs or calligraphy not depicting persons possibly due to religious proscription in Sunni Islam, though they did bear the ranks on the cards.

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In fact, the word "Kanjifah" appears in Arabic on the king of swords and is still used in parts of the Middle East to describe modern playing cards.

Ready to test your luck and get your hands on the goods? BTW, how gorgeous are these card-themed printables?!

A huge thank you to Carisa at Messes to Memories for designing them for us.

) with our Game Deck – a card themed stack of surprises that will teach you the basics of 6 two-player card games you’re guaranteed to love.

Just get your hands on a standard deck of cards and you’ll be good to go!

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