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Focus on those and you’ll be less likely to regret saying too much. Romantic attraction and sexual energy—which can show up anytime, ready or not—are a lot like rocket fuel. They possess the potential energy to lift you into orbit—or to explode in a ball of flame on the launch pad before you’re even aboard the ship. The quickest way to get ahead of yourself early in a new relationship is to let the conversation wander into territory that’s highly personal.But remember: You don’t yet know how trustworthy your date is!Now is not the time to play Truth or Dare, confess your sins, or to disclose your secret fantasies.There is still plenty of “public domain” details left to discover about each other—no need to open the safe and reveal your classified information.Don't obsess over whether you're good enough for him.Aki says the second date is "all about making sure that this guy is awesome enough for you, not the other way around." But be patient.

"Try a fun museum exhibition or something off the beaten path that isn't super expensive," she says.

You’ve settled the question of compatibility on the most basic level—neither of you counted the seconds until the evening ended. But not nearly good enough to disable your firewall and hand over your password.

Here are two things to remember on a second date: Be cautious about getting too personal too soon.

"Don't think you'll get all the answers at the beginning of the second date.

But by the end, you should have a good idea of if this guy is worth it.""It's not even so much about what you ask, it's how you ask it," says Beyer. "Ask because you're genuinely curious and interested," she says.

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